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One Piece Card Game: OP-5: Awakening of the New Era Booster Pack

One Piece Card Game: OP-5: Awakening of the New Era Booster Pack

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To commemorate the 1st Anniversary of the ONE PIECE CARD GAME this release includes a card that features an original illustration by Eiichiro Oda!
Get this ultimate card we are presenting to all ONE PIECE fans here!!

POINT02 Sky Island Saga and Revolutionary Army characters with this release!

  • op05-007
  • op05-100

The all-powerful God Enel and Sabo, Ranked No.2 in the Revolutionary Army, are two of the many characters from Skypia and the Revolutionary Army making their debut in the game with this release!

POINT03 "GEAR5 Luffy" You've been waiting for is here!

  • op05-118
  • op05-119

At last, the strongest stage, "GEAR5" is reached! GEAR5 Luffy makes its debut in this Booster lineup. Even Kaido who fought fiercely in Land of Wano arc is also in the lineup!

POINT04 Manga illustrationLeader card parallel versions return!

  • op05-001p
  • op05-002p
  • op05-022p
  • op05-041p
  • op05-098p
  • op05-060p

Manga illustration leader cards from "ROMANCE DAWN" and "PARAMOUNT WAR" are getting parallel versions and will be included in the lineup for "AWAKENING OF THE NEW ERA"

POINT05 SPIt includes SP cards this time too!

  • op01_sp_016
  • op01_sp_121
  • op02_sp_020
  • op03_sp_092
  • op04_sp_044
  • op05_sp_100

Be sure to get these luxuriously designed cards!

POINT06 For the first time 3 types of Super Parallel cards are in the lineup!

  • op05-069_sp
  • op05-119_sp
  • op05-074_sp

Previous booster pack only included 1 type of Super Parallel cards but, this time there are 3 types in the lineup! Be sure to get the Super Parallel cards of the 3 captains!

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