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Magic The Gathering: Modern Horizons 3: Collector Booster

Magic The Gathering: Modern Horizons 3: Collector Booster

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Release Date: June 14th

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  • MODERN’S NEVER BEEN MORE MARVELOUS—Introducing a heaping helping of exciting cards for Modern, one of Magic’s most celebrated formats, plus the return of competitive favorites, there’s something for everyone to love in Modern Horizons 3
  • BEAUTY AND BRAWN—Crush with a deck full of gorgeous special treatments; every Collector Booster contains 7 alt-frame cards, including the possibility of Retro-Frame, Borderless Profile, Borderless Frame Break, Borderless Concept Eldrazi, and Borderless Fetch Land cards
  • MODERN MIGHT THAT SHINES BRIGHT—Both powerful and flashy, every pack contains 10-12 Traditional Foil cards and may contain Collector Booster exclusive, like Foil-Etched cards, a Textured Foil card, or even a foil Serialized card
  • POWERFUL CARDS FOR LIMITED, CONSTRUCTED & COMMANDER PLAY—Spice up your deck with powerful New-to-Modern cards or discover Legendary Creatures with striking special treatments to inspire your next Commander Deck
  • GET DIRECT ACCESS TO THE COOLEST CARDS—Collector Boosters give you direct access to the most desirable Modern Horizons 3 cards, including 5 cards of rarity Rare or higher in every pack
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