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Magic: The Gathering: Figurines From The Vault: Elesh Norn

Magic: The Gathering: Figurines From The Vault: Elesh Norn

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Elesh Norn rules over all the sects of the Machine Orthodoxy but abides by the particulars of none. She does believe, however, in the importance of unifying all of Phyrexia under a single banner by indoctrinating all life with Phyrexian beliefs. Magic: The Gathering Figurines from the Vault capture the most adorable side of your favorite creatures. The collection features some of the most iconic creatures you will encounter on the battlefield. Befriend your very own Elesh Norn and bring them to your next Friday Night Magic. 

  • Officially licensed Elesh Norn figurine for Magic: The Gathering
  • An adorable take on the most fearsome creatures across the planes
  • Vinyl figure stands nearly 6 in. tall
  • Features “Legendary” larger size & movable head
  • Also available: Myr and Sliver. Collect them all! 
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