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Dragon Shield: Matte Art Sleeves: Demon Hunters

Dragon Shield: Matte Art Sleeves: Demon Hunters

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Embark on an epic adventure with the Demon Hunters Yuki and Kuzuha as they track down twisted souls trapped in their demon form. Only when touched by the magic of Yuki's bell-Katana can these tortured souls be released. Featuring breathtaking artwork by Ryo Kamei, these sleeves not only protect your cards but also add an element of storytelling and fantasy to your gameplay.

Matte Sleeves for TCG are renowned for their superior quality and exceptional durability. At 120 microns thick, they are some of the thickest sleeves on the market, providing robust protection for your valuable cards. Just as dragon scales offer unmatched defense, these sleeves safeguard your cards with legendary resilience. The matte card sleeves boast a textured ‘roughed’ matte back that offers a remarkably smooth shuffle feel, earning the title as 'favourite texture' among many players. When you sleeve your deck in Matte card sleeves, you'll enjoy effortless shuffling, ensuring a seamless gaming experience every time. Like the smooth yet impenetrable hide of a dragon, new sleeves may initially feel slippery, but they gradually become less so, maintaining a perfect balance between grip and ease of use. The card backs of these sleeves feel great when holding a hand of cards, enhancing the overall tactile experience akin to the thrill of gripping a dragon’s reins during flight.

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